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One LDS Song and Three Sacrament Hymns
Through My Savior
v. 1 Father in Heaven, thy name is blessed. Heeding thy Spirit’s pleading we repent. For thy Beloved, with our assembling Blessing his name, we take the sacrament. When I remember his cup of trembling, Drop after drop of blood was shed for me, Oh, my Father, because of Jesus, Then I know I may return to thee. v. 2 I was begotten by thee my Father, Nurtured in wondrous realms in ages past. My older brother to be my Savior. Then came the time: mortality at last! Now in the shadow of mortal weakness, Sorrow and sin and counterfeit I see. Oh, my Father, Premortal Father, Through my Savior I return to thee. v. 3 Now in the morning of shadow waning, Like when the light of morning filled a tomb, Grant us forgiveness: both giving, gaining. Fill us with light; dispel avenging gloom. Once in a garden the blood was dropping; Once on a cross the voice of mercy said: “Oh, my Father, forgive my brother; I forgive him with the blood I shed.” v. 4 Through thine Anointed we seek forgiveness, Grasping thy mercy, casting off our sin, Through our election of his atonement: Touching Perfection, cleansing us within. Though opposition may feign to hinder, Like thine Anointed we begin to be. Oh, my Father, I now remember My Redeemer gave his life for me. Through my Savior I come to thee.
“Through my Savior” Copyright 2011, 2013, 2015 Jonathan Whitcomb but this hymn may be used for noncommercial home and church use. It is intended for an LDS ward choir to sing in a sacrament meeting.
Thy Will, O Lord, Be Done
v. 1 When in the wondrous realms above Our Savior had been called upon To save our world of sin by love He said, “Thy will, O Lord, be done.”
Oh God, the Eternal Father
v. 1 Oh God, the Eternal Father, Who dwells amid the sky, In Jesus’ name we ask thee To bless and sanctify, If we are pure before thee, This bread and cup of wine, That we may all remember That offering divine. v. 2 That sacred, holy offering, By man least understood, To have our sins remitted And take his flesh and blood That we may ever witness The suffering of thy Son, And always have his Spirit To make our hearts as one. v. 3 When Jesus, the Anointed, Descended from above, And gave himself a ransom To win our souls with love--- With no apparent beauty, That man should him desire--- He was the promised Savior, To purify with fire. v. 4 How infinite that wisdom, The plan of holiness, That made salvation perfect And veiled the Lord in flesh, To walk upon his footstool And be like man, almost, In his exalted station, And die, or all was lost.
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“Why Will, O Lord, Be Done” by Kooyman and Manookin “Reverently and Meekly Now” by Townsend and Beesley “O God, the Eternal Father” by Phelps and Mendelssohn
Reverently and Meekly Now
v. 1 Rev’rently and meekly now Let thy head most humbly bow. Think of me, thou ransomed one; Think what I for thee have done. With my blood that dripped like rain, Sweat in agony of pain, With my body on the tree I have ransomed even thee.