Cryptozoology Blogs Live Pterosaur Cryptomundo Washington State Reports of Pterosaurs Kentucky Pterosaur Evolution, Religion, and Extinction of Pterosaurs Singapore Flying Creature 2011 Pterosaur Sighting in Namibia, Africa Science and Pterosaur Extinction Wild Kingdom Writer Dies Festival of the Big Red Eye Gerhard Reinke Visits Cryptozoology Museum Zoology Society of London Event on Cryptozoology Early Mothman Account? Has Lizardman Returned? Knowable News On Saturday, July 9, Fireman Dan’s Sports Lounge in Sussex, NJ will host the first ever Festival of the Big Red Eye. This outdoor event is designed to entertain  and inform the world of a Bigfoot type creature  that has  been known to roam the hills of  northern New Jersey.  The day will be celebrated with live music, great food, vendors, speakers, and special guests. A documentary film crew, working on an upcoming release, will be on site and Weird NJ will lend a hairy hand for the day’s festivities. What wonders reamain hidden in remote wildernesses, deep lakes, or deep caves? Let us learn what we can about cryptids, however rare and however reclusive: those animals long hidden. Live Pterosaur Sample post headings for blogs on cryptozoology Up to date as of July 9, 2011 Cryptid Eyewitness "It Would Have Been Seen" if Bigfoot Existed New Ogopogo Sighting Pterosaurs in the Western United States Dragons or Pterosaurs in Australia Rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaurs in Cuba Kongamato of Africa Modern Pterosaur Tacoma, Washington, Sightings Various Pterosaur Sightings Pterosaur Near Singapore Namibia, Africa, Recent Sighting Scott Norman Pterosaur Sighting Giant Pterosaur Between Australia and Indonesia Sample post content from two blogs above Cryptomundo In 2008, a Britten-Norman Islander airplane, a fairly light plane having two engines, was being flown by two very experienced former navy-pilots. They were mostly done with flying from Australia to Indonesia, being at 6500 feet altitude and over the sea,  when the  pilot saw  something coming straight at him, on a collision course. He thought it must have been another plane, somehow at the wrong altitude for that heading. He put his plane into a dive, catching the attention of the copilot, who had been looking down at a chart or something. The approaching flyer also dived,  so the pilot banked to the left, saving them all from disaster. Modern Pterosaur Additional Resources on Cryptids or Other Strange News [The eyewitness Eskin Kuhn said:] “I saw two pterosaurs . . . flying together at low altitude, perhaps 100 feet, very close in range from where I was standing . . . I had a perfectly clear view of them.” [Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1971] The Marine observed details, later recording them in his sketch: The head was large . . . with a large head crest; the short ‘hind legs’ were attached to the trailing part of the wings . . . the end of the tail had a ‘tuft of hair.’ Warren and Maureen Nyerges, in Naples, Florida, were shocked at the foreclosure notice, for they had paid cash for their home in 2009, never having any mortage on that house. Bank of America, however, was adamant, refusing to consider that possibility. [From “Bank of America Comedy”]