Chess Lessons in the United States

By the chess tutor in Murray, Utah, Jonathan Whitcomb

None of the following is meant as any endorsement of any chess instructor except me, Jonathan Whitcomb (in the Salt Lake Valley). I take no responsibility for the words or actions of any organization or person other than myself.

This is only a partial listing, based upon reports of chess popularity in some states in the USA, especially some of the ones with larger populations.


MACA chess coach list

  • Larry Christiansen
  • Alexander Ivanov
  • Marc Esserman
  • and many other chess teachers in Massachusetts

These chess instructors includes a number of grandmasters, international masters, and national (USCF) masters.

New York

Chess Lessons in New York City

“Chess NYC offers a unique brand of quality of Chess Instruction for all levels, beginners to advanced. Constantly evolving teaching methods by handpicked and trained Coaches, . . . ensures every student receives the appropriate instruction based on individual needs.”

Of course this is not the only chess club in New York City. They also have the Marshall Chess Club, as well as ones in Brooklyn and in Queens.


Arlington Chess Club

“It is not unusual for someone to walk into any chess club and say something like “I’m learning chess, can anyone help me out?”” Someone will be there to give some free advice. We provide some free lessons, and if you want a professional coach, we can direct you to a few masters in the area that coach.”

Be aware that other major cities in Texas have chess clubs. These may give you access to chess tutors but the web sites of these chess clubs may not make details easily available. This could make it more difficult to locate a chess coach through an online search.

Texas Tech University Chess Program

“Since its beginning in 2007, the Texas Chess Program has captured more than ten national titles, as well as regional and state championships. In 2014, Tech made history by receiving a double honor from the U.S. Chess Federation. Texas Tech was named “Chess College of the Year” and Head Coach Alex Onischuk was recognized as ‘Grandmaster of the Year.'”

Utah Chess Instruction

A free introductory chess lesson is available to you in the Salt Lake Valley, and you are free to choose where you will go from there. I, Jonathan Whitcomb, can drive to your location, if you don’t live too many miles from Murray, Utah. After the first free lesson, you may choose to continue with personalized chess teaching at $25 per one-hour lesson.

I am the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess, which is probably the first chess book written with the new *NIP teaching method used systematically throughout the book (*nearly-identical positions). Call me at 801-590-9692 with any questions.



Chess lessons in Utah

I’m a chess tutor and author, living in Murray, Utah. For more information about private chess lessons in the Salt Lake Valley, feel free to call me, Jonathan Whitcomb . . .

Chess Lessons in the Salt Lake Valley

Your chess instruction will be precisely arranged according to your individual needs, to most effectively help you improve in your chess-playing abilities.

Utah chess club in West Valley

“Last month I looked through the chess library in the Harman Senior Recreation Center, West Valley City, Utah. (The senior-citizen chess club meets on Wednesday afternoons, from 12:30-3:00.) I found 102 chess books . . .” [This is a large chess library for a small chess club in Utah: impressive!]


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