Some Posts on “Chess Say Yes”


How to Handle an Old Chess Book

What’s wrong with a chess book that was published many decades ago? If you know modern algebraic notation and have never heard of descriptive notation, prepare for a surprise at what you find in that old book on chess.


Finding the Best Chess Book

Let’s consider choosing a chess book as a gift, and this can be difficult, but consider the relevant points in deciding which one to purchase and give to that special person . . .


A Chess Book for the True Beginner

Beat That Kid in Chess is not actually an instruction manual for defeating a child in the royal game. It’s for improving the chess playing abilities of a raw beginner, so that person can win against other beginners [regardless of the age of the reader of the book or the age of the reader’s opponents].


Chess Combinations for Lower-Intermediate Players

The old chess book on tactics 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations — that may not be the ideal training resource for the lower-intermediate player (with a strength equivalent of a USCF rating of about 1000-1200), but it can be helpful.