Article in "Creation Research Society Quarterly"

"A body of indirect evidence has accumulated that suggests that extant
pterosaurs exist in the southwest Pacific area. This paper will present and evaluate that evidence and address some of the skepticism of the possibility of extant pterosaurs . . ."
Volume 45, Number 3, of the peer-reviewed scientific journal "Creation Research Society Quarterly" has a major article about extant pterosaurs: "Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific," by Jonathan D. Whitcomb. Eyewitness accounts are analyzed and tables display details of descriptions, expeditions, and those eyewitness accounts.
"Eyewitness testimonies can be divided into two categories: those describing a flying light and those describing a creature. Four of the eyewitnesses describe both a glow and a shape or features, connecting the two types of description. . . . While both ropen lights and meteors are fast-moving flashes of lights in the sky, several characteristics distinguish them . . . For Abram of Opai Village . . . described a ropen light that flew down to a reef and stayed at or near the surface of the sea before flying back toward Mount Bel."
Scientific Paper: A Living Pterosaur