Books on Strange or Paranormal Subjects

First Book Review — Near Death Experience (NDE) of George Ritchie, as he was trying to get home to Virginia in 1944: “Return from Tomorrow.”

Second Book Review - Another Near Death Experience (NDE), this one of Betty Eadie: Best Seller “Embraced by the Light.”

The Min Min light of Australia: Book review of a book by F. F. Silcock. Some of the strange Min-min lights in Australia are
bioluminescent barn owls.
Author's review of his own book, "Searching for Ropens."
(by Jonathan Whitcomb)
Books on the Strange
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The two books on the right on near-death-experiences are spiritual or religious, although neither one promotes any one particular church; they both promote faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course there is nothing strange about believing in God; but meeting and talking with God face to face is hardly common.