OK, I'm not strange myself. But the reports of living pterosaurs that I've investigated---these are strange: the ropen of Papua New Guinea and the ropen-like creatures seen in the United States (including one seen in a wildlife santuary in the state of California).

Since 2003, I've worked with other American cryptozoologists like Paul Nation and Garth Guessman. Paul instructed me before I left
for Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, and
Garth and his fellow explorer, David Woetzel,
followed me to that remote tropical jungle.
We believe that the creature the natives call
"ropen" is a giant Rhamphorhynchoid: a long-
tailed pterosaur.

After one year of compiling data, writing, and
rewriting, I completed the first edition of my
book "Searching for Ropens," in 2006. The
second edition, with updated information, I
had published in 2007.
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Report of a ropen sighting
in the San Joaquin Wildlife
Sanctuary (Irvine, California)