The following is part of the eyewitness  report of eyewitness, Eskin C. Kuhn, in  his own words (w. spelling corrections).   “It was probably about mid-March  [1971] when the C-130 prop plane  arrived at the Naval Air Station,  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. From the NAS  we travelled by boat along dense jungle  lined canal to the Naval Station and site  of the Marine Barracks. “I was not stationed to the Barracks;  but to 2nd Battallion, 8th Regiment  (reinforced), H&S Co., 106mm recoilless  rifle platoon.   “I had been in Cuba for perhaps four  months and the SeaBees were engaged  in constructing new barracks for us. . . .  We were engaged during the day in  physical training, close order drill, gun  drill, cleaning and maintenance, classes  and other sundry routine . . . including a  break for lunch with its attending rest  period or free time.   "It was during such a free time period,  in the middle of the day, that I was  outside and witnessed the pterosaurs.   It was a beautiful, clear summer day . .  . most of the platoon was in the new  barracks "hanging out". I was looking in  the direction of the ocean when I saw  an incredible sight.   Sketch by the eyewitness Eskin Kuhn, drawn in 1971, soon after the sighting Gitmo Pterosaur Copyright 2011 Jonathan Whitcomb, All Rights Reserved Eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn United States Marine Living Pterosaurs at Guantanamo Bay Kongamato in Sudan, Africa Nonfiction Cryptozoology Book, by Jonathan David Whitcomb Live Pterosaurs in America, Expanded Third Edition Gitmo Pterosaur Seen by Patty Carson Pterosaurs in Cuba Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Gitmo Naval Base Home of the Cuban Pterosaur “I am an artist with sharp eye for detail  and was determined to drink in the  visage before me for future recording on  paper. I saw two pterosaurs flying  together at low altitude, perhaps 100  feet, very close in range from where I  was standing, so that I had a perfectly  clear view of them.  “The rhythm of their large wings was  very graceful, slow, and yet they were  flying and not merely gliding, like turkey  vultures do here in Ohio.   “. . . The structure and the texture of  the wings appeared to be very similar to  that of bats: particularly in that the  struts of the wings emanated from a  "hand" as fingers  would ; except that a  couple of the fingers were short (as for  grasping) and the other ran out to the  tip of the wing, others back to the  trailing edge of the wing to stretch the  wing membrane as a kite would.  “The vertebrae of their backs was  noticeable, mostly between the  shoulders. I would estimate their  wingspan to be roughly ten feet.   “I recall running to a barracks . . .  grabbing Sgt Cunningham by the arm  and trying to drag his reticent self  outside . . . and corroborrate my  sighting, but by the time I could get him  outside they were gone.” ### Eskin Kuhn’s “Pterodactyl” Encounter In her own words, while being interviewed  by Jonathan Whitcomb, in 2011, Patty  Carson recalls her frightening encounter  with the Gitmo Pterosaur (1965 sighting in  Cuba, six years before Kuhn’s sighting).   “I was around six years old. My brother  George was with me, but he was only  around four. We were walking down near  the boat yards, headed home. We lived at  the end of the road, last house, by the  radio tower. “ . . . Suddenly it sat up . . . right in front of  us about thirty feet away. . . . it leaned to  its left and took off . . . in a big hurry . . .  and flew to its left and disappeared behind  trees and terrain.   “It did have a tail and it had a diamond  shaped tip, (didn't get to see if it had hairs  on it) The skin was a leathery, brownish  reddish color. It had little teeth, a LOT of  them. The eye was smallish and dark.” ### Undisputed authoritative book on sightings across the Continental United States, including CA, NM, TX, AR, GA, FL, SC, NC, OH, VA, NY, ME, WI, KA, MI, etc