Child care in Long Beach and Lakewood areas includes free
lessons in chess: game rules and how to win. 562 427-6027.

The origins of the game of chess go back many centuries. Rules changed slightly
but Benjamin Franklin probably played it
the way we do now.

How does a "Class A" chess player think
differently than a beginner? One with a
U.S.C.F. (United States Chess Federation) rating of 1900, for example, knows that
a rook is worth five times the value of a
pawn; the bishop (like a knight), three
times. Also, the "Class A" player "looks
ahead," visualizing what can happen in
the future. But this forsight involves the
more-reasonable moves on both sides;
it often omits wishful thinking.
Chess Lessons
In Child Care

Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb,
Whitcomb Family Daycare

For those children who are interested, Jonathan teaches chess: both rules and tactics. There's no extra charge (free).

For children, chess can teach concentration and patience; it can also teach accountability: We reap what we sow.

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