Dinosaurs may still live 

How many textbooks declare the ancient extinction of dinosaurs! How many times we read that millions of years ago they were destroyed by a comet or some other speculated destruction! Where did this idea come from, the idea that dinosaurs are all extinct? Not from radiometric dating, which began in the early 20th Century; "dinosaur fossils represent ancient creatures"--that idea came much earlier than radiometric dating. Consider another idea.
Natives of central Africa have reported a large aquatic animal in a little-explored giant swamp. The Mokele-Mbembe is reported to have a very long neck and a very long tail. Natives identify it with drawings of a sauropod dinosaur; some natives have seen the Mokele-Mbembe.
Natives in  eastern New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, have reported a giant creature; it was reported to have a tail like a crocodile and a height
of three meters (about ten feet). In West New Britain, natives report other dinosaur-like creatures, one that was associated with a drawing of the dinosaur therizinosaurus.
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A Few Cryptids